Physical Exams

Physical Exams

Physical Exams services offered in Georgetown, TX

Physical exams give you detailed information about your health, individual needs, and how you can reach your goals. At Rebuil-T Healthcare, experienced nurse practitioner Hellen Ndungu, FNP, offers physical exams for adults, including annual physicals, sports physicals and DOT exams. To schedule your physical, call the Georgetown, Texas, office or make an appointment online now.

Physical Exams Q&A

What are physical exams?

Physical exams are also called checkups. They’re visits with your health care practitioner in which a wide variety of aspects of your health are covered at the same time. 


What are the types of physical exams?

Rebuil-T Healthcare focuses on helping every patient maintain the best health. You can count on them for regular routine checkups (usually once a year) as well as specific types of physical exams. Two of the physical exams that the office provides most frequently are:

Department of Transportation (DOT) exams

DOT exams are for people in safety-sensitive positions: jobs that affect personal and public safety. Commercial drivers must have a DOT physical before they can get on the road. 

These physicals evaluate vision, hearing, blood pressure, eye health, breathing, heart health, liver health, and many other aspects of general wellness. The exam also covers mental health and other areas that could affect your ability to safely drive a vehicle.

DOT exams cover a urinalysis to check blood sugar and other health metrics. These exams don’t require a drug test, but most employers do, so you can have a drug test alongside your other tests. 


Sports physicals

Sports physicals ensure that athletes can participate in their sport safely. Your sports organization or club may require a sports physical before you can join.  

This physical covers vital signs, general health, speech, motor functions, health history, and vaccination history. It also focuses on strength, flexibility, and agility. 

With sports physicals, you can learn about health problems ahead of time and avoid a crisis later. This allows you to jump into your sport confidently. 


How frequently should I schedule physical exams?

Rebuilt-T Healthcare recommends annual physical exams for general wellness checkups. For sports physicals, it’s best to schedule the exams once a year before you start active participation in your sport.

The time frame can vary for DOT physicals. Your results are good for up to two years, unless you have health problems that need monitoring, for example, high blood pressure or diabetes that you’re working to control. Then you might get a shorter-term certificate, such as six months or a year. 


Rebuil-T Healthcare provides physical exams in a comfortable environment, with fast results and quick appointments. Phone the office or make your appointment online today.